The Parkex 2019 Innovation Trail

New product development and innovation have always been at the heart of Parkex, and this year is no exception.

Thanks to our panel of industry experts, 10 new products and services on show at Parkex have been identified as prime examples of cutting-edge innovations to emerge within the market in the last 12 months.

Here is the list of finalist:     


Nortech Control Systems
ANPR ACCESS V2 - Advanced ANPR camera for vehicle access control

The ANPR Access V2 is an Advanced ANPR camera for short range vehicle access control which fulfils the rapid growing demand for effective number-plate reading. It is purposely designed for vehicle access control applications with built-in Wiegand modes whilst ensuring customers benefit from the latest ANPR technology. Nedap’s ANPR cameras identify vehicles by capturing their number plates, making it the perfect solution for applications where it is undesirable or not possible to issue (RFID) tags. Ideal for situations where vehicles need to be granted continual or temporary access to a site such as in employee or visitor parking applications.


Nortech Contro Systems will be on stand P150 

NB-IoT Smart Parking Sensor

Nedap launches the NB-IoT version of its SENSIT smart parking sensor. SENSIT is the sensor based vehicle detection system that enables motorists to quickly find available parking spaces. With the new sensor, Nedap empowers Smart Cities and other urban areas to collect real-time parking data using their NB-IoT network. The NB-IoT technology is interesting for cities that aim to use a big amount of sensors that need to communicate over this network. It is cost effective, uses low power and offers a good performance. During Parkex, Nedap will demonstrate its new smart parking sensor to the UK market.


Nedap will be on stand P150

Conduent Transportation & Penham Excel
Persistent evaders and how to tackle the issue

Conduent, in partnership with Penham Excel and the BPA, and using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology and previously unused persistent evader data from within Conduent’s Si-Dem back-office system, conducted a series of operations on the streets of selected towns and cities across the country to establish how many persistent evaders of penalty charge notices were on the road and to identify their ‘legality’. We identified how many of these persistent evaders were registered with the DVLA, had paid their road tax, had a valid MOT and, whether they had insurance. In all locations, significant numbers of persistent evaders were found to have not complied with these legal requirements. Consequently, Penham Excel has met with MPs and ministers, and with officials at the DfT and Cabinet Office, to lobby for the legal seizure of persistent evaders’ vehicles.

Conduent Parking and Mobility Solutions, which has supplied the on-street parking software platforms for 125 UK Councils, offers seamless and convenient parking management systems that reduce congestion and improve the overall productivity of parking programmes.


For more information, please visit us at Stand P137 at ParkEx 2019, read about us online at or contact Robert Corbishley, PR Manager, Conduent.

Penham Excel is a professional certificated provider of High Court and Non-High Court enforcement services, operating throughout England and Wales. We provide a range of debt recovery services to the public and private sector with market leading collection rates. Our team of highly trained and certificated enforcement agents operating nationwide are equipped with the very latest technology including Automatic Number Plate Recognition and supported by a sophisticated head office operation. To find out more about persistent evader and nuisance vehicle strategies email Alan Wood


Extend from Apple watch

PayByPhone’s extend-from-anywhere feature allows Apple Watch users to add more parking time directly from their wrist without taking a smartphone out of their pocket or rushing back to feed a meter.


Available since 2018 across all of PayByPhone’s more than 300,000 parking spaces in the UK, this feature is supported by Apple WatchOS 4 and above. The Apple Watch app also includes the Glances feature, which displays how much time is left in a parking session at any given moment.


The latest version of the PayByPhone app unlocks the Apple Watch functionality.


Find out more, visit us on stand P319

Smart Parking Ltd
SmartCloud IoT Platform

Smart Parking are the only parking technology and data-intelligence solutions provider to develop a sophisticated IoT platform, and through SmartCloud we can offer unparalleled real-time data around occupancy and trends, as well as customised reporting and analytics. This has made data accessible in powerful ways that were difficult in previous systems, and these benefits are extended to customers via the SmartCloud solution services.


Recognised by Google for its trailblazing nature, Smart Parking were invited to present SmartCloud at their GoogleCloud’18 Conference in San Francisco, demonstrating how significant insights are made possible by quick access to mountains of live, accurate data.


Visit us on stand P236

Hozah Ltd
Zero-effort parking

Hozah is a fully automated, zero-effort parking payment system that connects drivers' credit/debit cards to number plate recognition cameras. The cameras detect when drivers enter and exit a car park and then automatically bill them for their length of stay. Put simply, your car is now your payment card!


Whilst supporting any standard car park tariff, Hozah also offers completely automatic emissions-based charging, automatic permit application and dynamic pricing.


For operators it means reduced overheads and administration costs, plus the added bonus of increased revenue from increased car park usage.


Because there's no cash involved and it's not a smartphone app, it's an inclusive solution comprising solely of automatic payments from driver to operator for an all-round better parking experience.


Truly zero-effort parking.


Come see us at stand P065 to find out more!

Car Park Lights
Solar Car Park Lighting
This is an introduction of our latest product which has been developed specifically for the UK. This will illuminate open areas and car parking locations, where there is a necessity to be vandal resistant.

This solar car park lighting system can provide illumination to the darkest areas of the UK. It allows un-adopted locations with the ability to utilise this simple to install column lighting system. This helps to provide safety to unmanned locations across the United Kingdom.

Visit us on stand P051 to learn more about the DBS1008 lighting system and how it could help your security.

Scheidt & Bachmann (UK) Ltd
Tickets Today, Ticketless Tomorrow - A Truly Hybrid System

When ticket-less parking becomes the norm, and it will, Scheidt & Bachmann and their customers will be equipped to accommodate the technology change without needing a system change!

S&B have produced a hybrid off-street parking solution based on the traditional barcode ticket technology today but after a simple re-configuration can operate as a ticket-less solution tomorrow.

When switching from tickets to ticketless we will default the system to issue a ticket to those motorists whose number-plate is not read completely accurately. This revolution will ensure that a combined solution provides 100% identification.

Functionality such as our entervo checkout App combined with online validation is also a hybrid solution as they work by scanning a ticket or by inputting the licence plate to a tablet or smartphone device.

Visit us on stand P145 

ParkPredict Control

ParkPredict Control is an all-in-one tool for effective on-street parking enforcement powered by artificial intelligence.


It uses machine learning algorithms to predict where and when the number of violations to on-street parking regulations is highest, and prescribe areas to visit by enforcement teams. Our technological solution consists in enriching the control data by adding numerous contextual data flows impacting usages and behaviours (parking spaces, ticketing, off-street car parks, points of interest such as restaurants or schools, weather, calendar, etc.).


With ParkPredict Control, it is becoming easier to fight against issues caused by violations and especially against congestion in cities


Visit us on stand P069


JustPark and BBFI

Digitising the Blue Badge System


JustPark collaborated with the UK Blue Badge Fraud Investigation team to tackle the costly and unfair abuse of a provision that empowers genuine blue badge holders with increased mobility options and as a result, contributes to improving their quality of life.


JustPark’s technological solution tackles the long-standing issue of Blue Badge fraud by using AI algorithms. JustPark is able to analyse aggregated, anonymised data to see inconsistencies in usage, which flags potential instances of fraud. This smart solution can streamline and support investigation efforts. It also addresses the issue of tackling the scale of fraud, which currently strips tens of millions of pounds from the public purse.


Beyond tackling fraud, JustPark’s Blue Badge system enables councils to offer parking concessions to disabled people in any available space. Free from the restriction of limited disabled spaces, badge holders can register their unique number to the JustPark app, so that each time they park, enforcement offers can verify genuine and valid holders using their handheld devices.


To learn more and discuss other innovative parking solutions, visit JustPark at stand P230.



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