This could be the most useful sustainable travel tool Liftshare has ever built

Scoping Smart Mobility simply uses the employee’s home postcode and their end travel destination (e.g. the workplace) and works out multiple travel options for every journey and collates it all into an easily digestible report.

No matter what the trigger - whether it is lack of personal transport, environmental factors or congested roads and car parks, this tool lets you see a breakdown of all the options staff have available for getting to work, gaps in transport provision and mapping of employee locations. It also makes simple recommendations of how to make positive changes. With Mobility as a Service promising to be an efficient and almost universal solution for saving your employees time, money and helping the environment in getting more cars off the road, the data and analysis that Scoping Smart Mobility provides is highly beneficial to any high volume employee commuter organisation.

Businesses across the UK are paying more interest into how their staff get to work. Be it overflowing carparks, traffic jams or ineffective cycle to work schemes, businesses want to help their staff get to work quicker and more efficiently.

Businesses can do all they can to promote different ways of getting to work, but by targeting each employee’s individual journey they can measure their own personal financial and health benefits by seeing the potential travel options they didn’t even realise they had available to them. Behaviour change can only happen when employees are made aware of their transport choices, only then can we evidence modal shift.

How can I get a Travel Solutions Scoping Report for my employee base?

Give us a call on 01603 389321 or register your interest at; so that we can send you further information.

Liftshare is on a mission to help the UK reduce its CO2 emissions -whether that’s by getting more people to carshare or encourage a shift towards Public Transport - we want to help the UK’s mobility problems on mass!


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