Parkex Hub - Seminar Sessions

The British Parking Association’s Parkex Hub hosted a number of free to attend seminar sessions. The programme was designed to offer visitors the opportunity to see the latest in technology and product development, debate on the future political landscape, and share knowledge and experience.


    Opening keynote address
    Peter Lowe BPA President
    Andrew Pester, BPA Chief Executive
Session 1   Debate of the day
    Who’s really in the driving seat? Electric vehicles, autonomous driving and the importance of data
    Are we on the cusp of a transportation revolution? That is the question we will be asking as we open Europe’s leading parking show. Self-driving cars, electric vehicles and the big drive in data. These are the things that are dramatically changing the way we access and utilise the transport network. But what is the role of parking in this brave new world? Is society on the same journey as the sector and does environmental awareness mean the inevitability of us moving away from independent travel?

This session heard from some of those who are leading this change, providing us with solutions as to how we reach a smarter parking future.
    Chair: Spencer Palmer (London Councils)
    Panel: Tim Daniels (Videalert), Kevin Stringer (Electric Blue), Natalia Peralta Silverstone (PodPoint), Dan Hubert (Appy Parking)
Session 2   Best practice and case study solutions
    Designing and maintaining car parks: How driverless technology will impact design
    Cars that can be parked with the aid of remote control could have huge implications for the design of car parks and the size of spaces. With these developments on the horizon, what can car park owners and operators do to prepare for the future and what should they be planning for?

We explored the cutting-edge features in designing new car parks and how we can cost-effectively renovate and improve our existing structures.
    Chair: Russell Simmons (Stripe Consulting)
    Panel: Dan Gullock (Stripe Consulting), Louis Fourie (Clayton Fourie Consultancy), Mark Potter (Potter Church and Holmes Architects)
Session 3   GDPR refresh
    General Data Protection Regulation. It’s here! With the new regulations now in full force, we looked at how you’re adapting to the changes? Our Lawline partners, from JMW Solicitors, were on hand to provide further compliancy advice and answer the pressing questions you have, now the regulations are in place.
    Speakers: JMW Solicitors
Session 4   Exhibition Road - street style fashion show
    Our CEOs are the face of our sector, working at the frontline of enforcement. They help influence the public’s perception of the sector as a whole. Being both recognisable and approachable is vital and uniforms are a key contributor to this. With the help of Keltic Clothing, and some familiar faces from the parking sector, we showcased the changing fashion of our CEOs over the decades.


Session 5   Global Alliance for Parking Data Standards
    Three major parking associations have joined forces to develop an international parking data standard, with a mission to develop, promote, manage, and maintain a uniform global standard that will allow organisations to share parking data across platforms worldwide. The Alliance data standard covered the full range of parking data elements, including parking location information and transactions, pricing, and occupancy/utilisation.
    Panel: Darren Capes (City of York Council), Keith Williams (Parking Matters), Jon Harrod Booth (Harrod Booth Consulting)
Session 6   keynote address
    Daniel Zeichner MP (Member of the Transport Select Committee)
Session 7   Debate of the day
    What are you doing to improve the perception of parking?
    Parking is an emotive subject. The media plays an important part in fuelling those emotions. But there is much that the parking sector can do to proactively address the misconceptions around parking enforcement, while shining a light on why we believe everyone benefits from having good parking management.

This discussion focused on what evidence, information and examples we need to help shape a more positive perception of parking. We also heard what work is being done by BPA members to turn the conversation around.
    Chair: Nigel Coltman (NSL)
    Panel: Anthony Eskinazi (Just Park), Graham Titchener (York Council), Jim Daniels (Gloucestershire County Council), Mike James (Bristol City Council), Jade Neville (OCS)




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